Golden Plus Care provides disability care services focusing on community care services with the aim to enhance the wellbeing and quality of life of its clients and their families. GOLDEN PLUS CARE is a Registered NDIS Provider that complies with State and commonwealth Government requirements for the delivery of quality and safe support services. we provide person-centered, holistic, and tailored services to the needs and goals of our participants, their families and carers. We listen to our clients and build customized programs and support to guarantee the delivery of individualized support when and where required. Our services are designed to help clients live safely and comfortably at home while still participating in the community.

Our Core Values

Give it your all

We take pleasure in everything we do and aim to be the best we can be always, accepting personal responsibility for quality, creativity, and perfection.

Entails working together

To establish a positive environment for all, we encourage communication, working together with excitement and gratitude, exchanging information, and supporting one another.

Means "value"

We treat our clients and each other with the utmost dignity, equality, and respect, understanding how vital diversity is to the quality of our operations and communities.

Do the right thing

Our organizational and personal values represent the highest ethical and honest standards. We are responsible for our own acts.


We exhibit empathy for one another via our decisions, actions, and words, and we commit to valuing everyone’s efforts.

What distinguishes Golden Plus Care as an excellent NDIS provider?

We're here to help our clients navigate the NDIS.
We believe that everyone’s story is unique and different. We are here to guide clients through decisions and provide a dedicated, personalized service to help achieve their objectives.
We go the extra mile for our clients.
We want to hear client’s stories and help them start a new chapter when they join Golden Plus Care. we travel to meet clients in the privacy of their own homes to get to know them. We provide a fully personalized assistance plan that identifies their objectives, goals, and challenges. We assist clients in understanding their plan and getting the most out of their bundle without sacrificing service quality. We also send a Golden Plus Care coordinator to a 12-month plan review meeting to help clients determine the amount of funding they’ll need in the coming year.
Every aspect of the business is focused on the customer.
We are customer-centric in all we do, from our internal structure and processes to the one-on-one service we provide. Our care coordinators, work closely with clients to identify their needs and the services required to achieve the best possible outcome. This enables us to remain long-term sustainable, allowing us to provide high-quality service now and in the future.
High Staffing Standards & Quality Service.
We are dedicated to locating a support worker that is a “good fit” for our client in order to help achieve their objectives. To protect the safety of our clients and support staff, we recognize the necessity of high-quality care and stringent clinical governance.
We are: